Pet Palette Launches 2022 Q1 Seasonal Assortments

SYKESVILLE, MD, December 2021

Pet Palette, a national distributor of wholesale pet products, have unveiled their assortments for the upcoming 2022 Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day holidays. Hand-picked seasonal toy, treat, and accessory items from proven pet industry brands are regularly curated by Pet Palette to support their independent retail partners in competing with ecommerce suppliers and big box stores. The seasonal collections are also created to ensure retailers keep a fresh assortment of new and suitable products, at the best prices, so consumers can be provided with competitive pricing and consistently new gift ideas for their pets.

“Unlike Hanukkah and Christmas, shoppers aren’t necessarily heading to the store with the sole intention to pick out a Valentine’s Day or Saint Patrick’s Day gift for their pet. But that doesn’t mean these smaller holidays don’t present a great opportunity for retailers,” said Pet Palette Senior Buyer Megan Hulse. “Holiday gifting continues to grow year-round, especially in Pet! The key is to make festive gifting more accessible to consumers by creating eye catching displays and using budget-conscious products that tell a story and put a smile on your face. Shoppers of all ages love to find purse-friendly, Instagram-able items for their fur babies, to pamper them and show them off to family and friends. The end goal is to give the consumer and their pet an experience that brightens their day.”

Industry statistics show there is much revenue to be made by rotating in seasonal products throughout the year. According to Finder, Americans spent $2.14 billion on their pets for Valentine’s Day alone last year, more than doubling their $1.39 spend from 2020, with an average of $27.42 per household on cats and $31.24 per household on dogs. It is expected that these numbers will continue to grow exponentially as Millennials and Gen Z continue to further dominate the pet industry’s marketspace.

“Pet Palette understands that seasonal merchandise planning can create unique challenges for retailers since product life cycles are measured in weeks or even days,” said Ron Metzger, Pet Palette President & COO. “We strive to create seasonal assortments that maximize a retailer’s revenue while minimizing their risk. It’s an opportunity for retailers to score add-on sales (with great margin) from consumers who were maybe just stopping in for their monthly food purchase. We are constantly diversifying our product offerings by adding new and innovative quality brands so we can be a one-stop shop for your seasonal assortment needs. We do a deep dive on trend forecasting so retailers don’t have to do the legwork to figure out what is going to sell best. We’ve already done that for them.”

A few of the best-selling brands that are featured in the latest seasonal assortments from Pet Palette are Zippy Paws, Spunky Pup, Huxley & Kent, and Messy Mutts. Many of the items are “New for 2022” and expected to be popular choices among pet parents.

Pet Palette is a family-owned, independent retailer-focused national wholesale distributor that is based in Sykesville, Maryland and offers low minimums, fast shipping, and top-notch customer service.