How We Began

Pet Palette Distribution was started in 2008 by Bruce Herwald, a Washington D.C. based veterinarian. Dr. Herwald strongly believes in the concept of independent retailers that are analogous to his smaller, neighborhood veterinary clinics. He felt there was a need for an assortment of high-quality pet products from smaller manufacturers, several of which were not yet distributed in the U.S.; and thus, the creation of Pet Palette Distribution.

Who We Are

Pet Palette Distribution strives to be a partner that both retailers and manufacturers can always count on. We look at ourselves as an extended member of your team and we work hard to earn that position. Your success is our success. If you shine, we shine.

Our Mission

When all is said and done, what it really comes down to is the relationship that people have with their pets. Our mission is to find the best products that foster that relationship and give our retailers the tools they need to put them in people’s hands. It’s that simple.