About Us

Pet Palette Distribution is a national distributor of unique and innovative wholesale pet products. We focus on providing easy, trustworthy, and customer-centric service. We strive to support Independent Pet by offering low minimum orders and free shipping options. Our family-owned business brings decades of delivery experience, product knowledge, and unmatched flexibility to our pet-loving industry. From food to fun, our brands deliver success.

Our Brands

We are constantly diversifying our product offerings and adding new and innovative lines to support our independent retailers with merchandise that is generally not available to the mass market. We carefully hand select each and every product that we offer, and we select them because we believe in them. If we carry it, you know it’s good.

Partner With Us

We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy liaison between manufacturers who care about their products and retailers who care about their customers. If you’re a retailer that’s looking for a distribution partner that you can count on, please fill out our Retailer Application.