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Wondercide 16oz Floor Display

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Consumer demand for safe alternatives to conventional flea-and-tick preventatives has never been higher.

Wondercide® Flea & Tick Pets + Home is a plant-powered replacement for conventional flea-and-tick drops, pills, and collars. Safe for the entire family, including dogs and cats of all ages. Wondercide® is proven to kill 100% of fleas
and ticks, and eliminates the full life cycle. Bonus: repels mosquitoes too.

Meet high consumer demand this flea-and-tick season and help protect families by adding a Wondercide® display to your store.

16 units | 16oz bottles
4 scents
○ Lemongrass: FTPH016L
○ Peppermint: FTPH016P
○ Rosemary: FTPH016R
○ Cedarwood: FTPH016C

Assembled Dims:
○ Floor Display: 14”w x 12”d x 50”h
○ Panel Display: 14”w x 7”d x 24”h