Our Difference

Pet Palette Distribution exists because there was a need for a distributor who carried only high-quality pet products that could benefit retailers and vet clinics alike. As a veteran of the field, our founder saw that need firsthand. Great care is put into selecting each product that we carry to ensure not only a pet’s safety, but that they thrive. We have tailored an entire category of brands and products to fit a clinic’s retail space and benefit their four-legged patients.

Our Recommended Product

Not only was Pet Palette Distribution started by a veterinarian, our primary goal when choosing our brands and products is to ensure that they promote proper nutrition and overall pet health. Therefore, you don’t see most of the brands we carry in big box stores, but they are a great fit for independent retailers and vet clinics. It’s no secret that we care deeply about the end consumer, our pets.

Our Promise

It can be overwhelming for retailers, vet clinics, and pet owners alike to dig through the massive amounts of products on the market that claim to have a pet’s best interest at their core. Pet Palette Distribution is dedicated to doing the footwork to select only brands that walk the walk so our retailers and vet clinics can be confident that they’re only offering the very best to their customers and their furry loved ones.