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Rover Gear Essential Dog Walking Leash Teal, 6 ft

UPC CODE: 850025778527
MSRP: 32.99


Upgrade your leash experience with the Essential Dog Walking Leash designed by Rover. Have a small dog? Check out the Essential Slim Dog Walking Leash This durable leash was thoughtfully designed to make your daily walks and weekend adventures more comfortable and controlled. Pair with the Better Walk™ No-Pull Dog Harness for even better walks. Features a built-in Tidy Tag that holds a full bag of poo so you don’t have to! The handle is lined with cushioned neoprene for a comfortable grip. The clip is a locking, swiveling carabiner that can withstand up to 880 lbs of force. It’s also designed to be easy to attach with one hand.  

What the experts are saying:"A leash shouldn’t be complicated… yet it’s not that easy to find one that checks everything off. Lightweight locking carabiners, padded handle and traffic handle and a poop bag holder ready to go while still looking sleek and feeling light." - Nicole Ellis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and engaged as a member of Rover's Pet People Panel 

About Rover Gear: Meet our very own line of unique and dependable walking essentials: Rover Gear. Each product was thoughtfully designed with input from pet industry experts and dog walkers in the Rover community. After multiple prototypes and testing for fit and durability, we created a line of dog walking gear that prioritizes safety, comfort, and ease of use.