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Rover Gear Bag Buddy Hands-Free Poo Carrier

UPC CODE: 850025778541
MSRP: 9.99


This is the leash accessory you didn’t know you needed—until now. The Bag Buddy is designed by Rover to hold two full bags of poo so you don’t have to! Perfect for multi-pet households and dogs who can’t help but go twice. How it works: Loop the Bag Buddy around any leash handle or utility ring. Slip the knot on the end of a full poop bag through one of the X-shaped holes. Then just keep an eye out for a trash can!

About Rover Gear: Meet our very own line of unique and dependable walking essentials: Rover Gear. Each product was thoughtfully designed with input from pet industry experts and dog walkers in the Rover community. After multiple prototypes and testing for fit and durability, we created a line of dog walking gear that prioritizes safety, comfort, and ease of use.