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  • 11.28.22 Yeti Partnership

Yeti Dog Chews, pet palette distribution announce nationwide distribution partnership

SYKESVILLE, MD, November 28, 2022

Pet Palette Distribution, a Maryland-based national distributor of premium pet products, has recently announced the addition of Yeti Dog Chews, a manufacturer of all-natural dog chews, to its growing consumables category. The distributor will be carrying an assortment of the Brand’s best-selling Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews and Treats, Microwavable Treat-Holding Toys, and Felted Pet Caves. 

“Yeti Corporation is very excited to be partnering with Pet Palette Distribution,” said Prasoon Khanal, CEO/Owner. “The nationwide coverage that Pet Palette Distribution offers will allow us to bring our products to more independent retailers than ever!”

 Yeti Dog Chews is a small, family-owned, business that operates a US-based facility in Everett, WA as well as a collection of manufacturing facilities the Himalayan regions of Nepal, where Yak Cheese is a staple export. The company was started with the belief that our pets deserve the best, and this is especially seen in their manufacturing process. They are transparent about their ingredients, and unlike some of their competitors who use machinery to force the drying process, all Yeti Dog Chews are smoked and aged properly to develop the flavor that dogs have come to love. This aging process also removes a majority of the lactose, making the chews highly digestible.

“Yeti Dog Chews is a great addition to our consumables category of brands and will help to round out our diversity of dog chew offerings,” said Ron Metzger, Pet Palette Distribution CEO. “Their products are top-notch quality, and they are a brand that shares our primary focus of serving the independent retailer. We foresee a bright future ahead as we move forward with this partnership.”

Pet Palette Distribution is an independent retailer-focused wholesale distributor, offering low minimums, fast nationwide shipping, and top-notch customer service to the contiguous United States.